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danes_stillness's Journal

Claire Danes Icon Stillness Challenge
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Welcome to danes_stillness the only stillness community for actress Claire Danes! Here, each week we will bring you one challenge relating to the actress Claire Danes. 1st,2nd, and 3rd Place will be awarded each week after voting has taken place. So if you enjoy challenges, feel free to join! We are always looking for new, active members.

R U L E S;<< Make Sure You Read The Rules Before you enter
01. Enter one icon a week unless otherwise said.
02. All text, brushes, colors are allowed unless otherwise stated
03. No animation, only stills (thats why were danes_stillness =)
04. Don't use someone else's base for a lyrical challenge, etc.
05. All artworks must be your own icons that you made yourself
06. Don't post your icon anywhere else till the challenge is over
Your submission must look like this...

banner: yes/no

V O T I N G;<< How You Vote In This Community
01. Do not vote for your own icon(s)
02. Vote for your top three icons (unless otherwise said so)
03. All voting comments will be screened
04. Don't tell people to vote for your icon(s)
05. If you vote for more/less then three, your vote won't count

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